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Welcome to the pages of Wilm Web Solutions!

Wilm Web Solutions is as of today registered as a one-man company with me as sole owner and manager.

Most tasks I can handle on my own. But if circumstances require it, I also have the necessary contacts to create an ad-hoc teamand build on a bigger project together.

Flexibility and dynamic changes are some of the most fundamental elements of our age. If one has holds information, one is required to promote it, if one wants others to know about it.A professional presentation of ones services on the web is a must, no matter whether we're talking private, public or NGO sector.

Johannes Wilm

Johannes Wilm

Johannes Wilm is the programmer behind Wilm Web Solutions.

I hope that with the customized solutions offered I will be able to help you and your project. My policy is that every solution that Iprovide must completely satisfy the customers needs. Every one of the solutions I offer aims to be a combination of analyzes, original idea and qualitatively outstanding presentation.


Johannes Wilm
Wilm Web Solutions
Tel: +1 520 399 8880

Norwegian Brønnøysundnr.: 991573593
Account Number: 97221444268
Bank: Skandiabanken AB

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